You may see that when members of this site get together to bring the pain on Xbox Live and Playstation Network ,we all change our Clan Tags to IPC
We do this to represent

You will frequently find players such as

XBox Live:
America Gamer Tag: Hiidefinitionn
SilenceOfDaPwnd Gamer Tag: SilenceOfDaPwnd
G1ng3r 2 Di3 4 Gamer Tag: G1ng3r 2 Di3 4
DunksDaBeast22 Gamer Tag: VaMp Xx DUNKS
ay 2the squilly Gamer Tag: ay 2the squilly
Miyagi x Gamer Tag: Miyagi x

PlayStation Network:
youngsoldier3 User: youngsoldier3
MeRc96 User: MeRc96

And More.......
So join us to help get the word out on the site and to show all Call of Duty BK's what we are all about