Hi everyone! Clan FoD (Foundations of Destruction) is already a well established clan and gaming community which has been running since February of 2010. In that time we have had an accumulative member count of over 18,000 gamers! We are currently trying to further expand that number by recruiting even more active members.

Whilst we generally specialise in Call of Duty, we also encourage more versatile gamers to join us. We cater to the needs of everyone; whether you're from Europe or America, if you play competitively or casually, if you have an Xbox or a Playstation, if you play Battlefield or Call of Duty, if you're human or an alien! Anyone over the age of fifteen is more than welcome to join!

To join you must first apply on our forums. Due to regulations of 'iplaycod' I cannot link you to our website but feel free to private message Sean Martin for a link or search for us on Google! Once you've applied you will be accepted into the roster.

Clan Discussions

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