Now before we go any further, I am not asking for HACKS, CHEATS OR GLITCHES! That is not tolerated on IPC and so therefore don't suggest it. Besides that, I'm not a cheater.

However, I am curious if there is a MW3 modding community? Such as a place where people create new maps, or different weapons, new game modes. I was and still am a very huge fan of Skyrim, as the modding community has embraced that game from day one. And from what I can tell that game is only going to get better, and it seems that there's no slowing down for that game. I'm looking for that same level of support with MW3, I would assume there's something similar, but I have not been able to find anything as of yet.

BUT, I did find some modder named Flan for Minecraft create something called Fruitsalad or something along those lines that has to do with Minecraft and Call of Duty. I may check that out sometime, if it's true, WE MUST HAVE A BATTLE of the MINE!